Nov 14
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A bloody nose can range from a mere annoyance to a frightening event leading to an emergency room visit or even a prolonged hospital stay with possible surgical intervention and blood transfusions. Minor nosebleeds are quite common and can be caused by nasal trauma, picking the nose, nasal and sinus infections, allergies and even prescription nasal sprays. Nosebleeds are far more common in the cold winter months, as drier air leads to nasal dryness. Older patients, and those on blood thinning medications, are at greater risk for severe bleeding. When it comes to nasal bleeding, an ounce of prevention is…
Nov 13
Your Hearing: Use it or Lose it
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We have all heard the phrase “use it, or lose it” as it pertains to muscle strength and even mental agility. This had led to a society that values exercise at the gym as much as exercising our brains with crossword puzzles and various mental challenges, to slow the aging process. But how does this relate to hearing? Over time, and through the normal course of aging, many of us experience a decline in hearing. This is most often a gradual process that we adapt to, until a loved one begins to complain that the TV is too loud, or…